The International art festival ”Cultural Harmony” will be held on the October 1st 2022 in Karlstad, Sweden, under the motto by A.Pushkin in his poem October 19: ”My friends, our union is nice!” (Друзья мои, прекрасен наш союз) by noncommercial organisation ”Vi pratar ryska” (Мы говорим по-русски).

We invite people from Scandinavia and Baltic regions to participate as actors or public. Welcome to show your creativity by song, dance, music, acrobatics or what ever you are gifted for. Please send your application to vipratarryska (a) for invitation for performing or for free ticket.

The festival starts at 4 pm, with a break in the middle and mingling after 7 pm.


Questions: Elena Strömberg 072-2070366, Irina Persson 070-6945491